The Upcoming Eclipse  — Detoxification & Spin Cycles   July 30, 2009


Three things cannot be long hidden;

The sun, the moon, and the truth.


What is an Eclipse?

An eclipse is an astronomical event that occurs when a planet or a celestial object moves into the shadow of another celestial object. The word “eclipse” has its origin from the ancient Greek word ekleipsis, which means, “I cease to exist,” or “I am absent.” This term is used to describe either a Solar Eclipse (when the Moon’s shadow crosses the Earth’s surface) or a Lunar Eclipse, (the Moon moves into the shadow of the Earth).

In the early days Eclipses were considered a very powerful phenomenon. They were seen as highly threatening and ominous.  People were simply terrified of a Solar Eclipse.  Can you imagine the “Light of the Sun fading to darkness in the middle of the day” when you did not know what an Eclipse was? Yikes!!   Now we are more educated about what is really happening.


“It is only during an eclipse

that the Man in the Moon

has a place in the Sun.”


The Upcoming Eclipse’s

This is an amazing and extraordinary year for Eclipses.  Normally we experience anywhere between 3-5 Eclipse Cycles each year.  This year we have 6! (Please see the list below for the dates of all our 2009 Eclipses.)

Our Most Recent Eclipses

On Tuesday, July 21st we had a New Moon Solar Eclipse in the sign of Cancer (29 degrees).  If you have planets in Cancer this eclipse will have activated you, or the part of your chart that is ruled by the sign Cancer.  Cancer is the Astrological sign associated with the concepts of: security, emotions, home, family and the mother.

Next week, on Wednesday August 5th, the Full Moon and Solar Eclipse will be in the Sign of Aquarius (13 degrees). If you have planets in Aquarius this Eclipse will activate you.  Aquarius is the Astrological sign associated with the concepts of: being a visionary, humanity, brotherhood, friendship, rebellion and unconventionality.

The “Spin Cycle”

Eclipses have been defined as “Spin Cycles.”  They can be described like the “final rinse cycle” in a washing machine, intensely aggitating, unstable and continually destabilizing!  These cycles help us to become acutely aware of any deeper psychological toxicity that may be keeping us from understanding our current issues.  Detoxification is imperative during these times.  Purging unwanted behavior or toxic relationships is a natural result of any Eclipse Cycle.

Rest assured, these cycles come to help awaken us to things that are happening both collectively and personally.  It is important to have your Astrological Chart done to know what area of your life these Eclipses will be affecting you.

The definition of any Eclipse is to dim or hide and conceal, or to render invisible by the elimination of light.   So during these eclipse cycles often times things are brought to light or revealed. But, be aware things can also remain hidden. It is clearly our job to bring to light the deeper awareness to whatever situation we might be involved in.  This is a shadow cycle.

Many people want me to tell them what will happen on the Eclipse.  My reply is that we can only predict possible activity based on the energies suggested by any astrological sign.  These cycles come to awaken us but we must also be awake and aware of them as they happen, and bring our own perceptions as to what they mean at any given time by the energy of the signs.  If you are experiencing increased instability and aggitation consult an Astrologer as to where you need to be more aware.  Bringing light and awareness to shadow issues will help you to find your stability.

Hans Margolius says it quite well;

“Only in quiet waters do things mirror themselves undistorted.

Only in a quiet mind is adequate perception of the world.”

I hope this was helpful!

With love and faith in the journey,


“Eclipses in 2009 – Western Astrological Degrees”

January 25th  Solar Eclipse 6 degrees Aquarius

Feburay 9th  Lunar Eclipse 21 degrees Leo

July 9th Lunar Eclipse 15 degrees Capricorn

July 21st Solar Eclipse  29 degrees Cancer

August 5th Lunar Eclipse 13 degrees Aquarius

December 31st Lunar Eclipse 10 degrees Cancer