This is an ADDITIONAL REPORT on Moon Wobble and more information regarding  September 11, 2001


The attack on the New York Trade Center today was an absolute tragedy! Upon awaking this morning I am sure that those of you with friends and family had a tremendous amount of concern. As did I. My brother lives in New York and my sister got word to me to say that he was fine.

After many calls this morning I was compelled to write a little more about what this Moon Wobble Cycle is all about and some other observations of this cycle.

I first learned of Moon Wobbles about 12 years ago from my astrology teacher Diane Clarke. She first learned about them from Carl Payne Tobey who researched this cycle for many many years.

Unlike any other cycle, Moon Wobbles call us to come together emotionally. Many collective world tragedies have happened during Moon Wobble. I have listed some examples below. Moon Wobbles call us to remember “to feel.” Since the North Node is in the sign of Cancer (our countries birth sign, July 4th) we are all being asked to come together and nurture each other and feel the unconscious need for peace in this country, and in the world. The center of this Moon Wobble is at 1 degree of Libra. When Moon Wobbles are in the sign of Libra we tend to see more of a need “to balance” collectively with our “relationships” with other countries.


Many catastrophes such as earthquakes, plane crashes, bombings and deaths have been researched and linked to this cycle. Please, please please remember that the cycles don’t make us act in any certain way. Cycles come to aid us in becoming more conscious. They teach us to remember what is important in life. This recent tragedy has awakened in each of us the importance of our connection to our loved ones as we watch families broken apart through the deaths that come through these types of tragedies.

In watching the news, an astrologer friend and I came to the conclusion that symbolically the image of the World Trade Building burning and people falling or jumping to their deaths is related to the 16th card in the Tarot Deck–The Tower! In Qabbalistic teachings the Tower card “Peh” means “the mouth as the organ of speech.” It therefore symbolizes the power of utterance. Out of it are the issues of life. How powerful are words? Pretty darn powerful!!

You will also find this story in the bible associated with The Tower of Babel. The story in the Bible is under Genesis 10:10 and 10:11. In this story man tries to build a tower to the heavens to reach God. In essence, he thought that through the material world man could find heaven. God then realized their folly and confounded their speech so that man could not communicate with one another making it so they were unable to reach God together through the tower (or material plane).

Our World Trade center is symbolically associated with Financial Power. By destroying that center we are being put to a test. By attacking our main financial center the attackers must have thought that by attacking our material world they can destroy their enemy. The truth is depends on how we respond to this tragedy. If we think we are only a material world then they will have achieved their goal. If we do not consider material power to be the goal then we will become united as a nation and come together through this tragedy. The test is: are we going to become united through this tragedy or broken down….

On the Tower card you will find a crown being knocked from the tower by a lightning flash. This is symbolic of the materialistic notion that matter and form are the ruling principles of existence. Since the word Crown in Qabalistic terms relates to the number 1 and to “Will” this Crown refers to the false belief of the materialist. It also refers to the false idea that “will” which is related to something “personal” is somehow more powerful than the underlying collective “Will” of the cosmos. The conclusion of course is that we are not separate but intimately tied together in our journey of consciousness.

Saturn is currently in the astrological sign of Gemini. Gemini is the sign of speech and communication. It is in almost exact degrees of opposition to the planet Pluto. Pluto is the planet of the unconscious will and thus represents the unconscious wound of the collective. When these two planets are in opposition to each other we are asked to explore what work we need to do within the collective. The work is this: Saturn in Gemini is asking us to explore our ability to effectively communicate with others in the world and Pluto in the sign Sagittarius is asking us to seek more wisdom and perhaps look at our philosophies of life and what they are founded on.

The entire picture of the Tower corresponds and links to this as well. “Spiritual unfoldment can happen wherein a series of sudden, fitful experiences will lead us to the understanding that the structure of knowledge built on the foundation of the lie of personal separateness is a tower of false science.” WE ARE CONNECTED TO EACH OTHER INTIMATELY. This act today was out of a consciousness of separateness. And for all actions there are consequences. This is the philosophy (Pluto in Sagittarius) that must be now communicated collectively (Saturn in Gemini) for us to move on in wholeness with each other. I hope this has helped you to understand the tremendous shifts in consciousnesses that are happening collectively. In a few days I will have more of this information put on my website under Moon Wobbles.

Please feel free to email your comments or questions to me about this email. Thank you. 

“Past Moon Wobble Tragic Examples”

Galveston Hurricane September 8, 1900

Sinking of the Titanic April 12, 1912
Bombing of Pearl Harbor December 7. 1941
Hiroshima Bombing & Nagasaki Bombing August 6th & August 9th, 1945
Space Shuttle Disaster January 27, 1967
The Challenger Space Shuttle Accident January 28, 1986
China Earthquake July 28, 1986
Oklahoma City Bombing April 19, 1995
TWA Flight 800 Mysterious Crash July 17, 1996
Death of Princess Diana August 31, 1997