Moon Wooble – Error on Moon Wobble Dates  September 10, 2001


Ooooopppss!! I made an error on the Moon Wobble date. The exact date is September 24th, not October 24th!!! I guess I am already wobbling!!

This week we will enter into a cycle called “Moon Wobble.” As the name suggests it is a cycle of emotional instability and unsteadiness. The wisdom that is needed for this cycle is one of consciousness, emotional steadiness, and internal awareness. The possibility of excessive emotionalism, drama and/or fear can be very high during this time.  What is a Moon Wobble?

What exactly is a Moon Wobble? Moon Wobbles occur when the transiting Sun makes an exact contact with the Lunar (the Moon’s) Nodes. This contact (in astrological terms) is called a conjunction or a square.

How long does it last? The exact date of this Moon Wobble will occur on September 24th and the center will be at 1 degree Libra. Usually, the awareness of the cycle starts about 10 days before the exact configuration then continues for 10 days after. Thus, the cycle will be completed by October 4th. We have about 4-5 Moon Wobbles per year.  What is the best way to handle a Moon Wobble?

The best way to handle this emotionally based cycle is to become a conscious observer. Certainly everyone’s chart will be triggered by this cycle, but how much awareness and consciousness you bring is really the deeper wisdom teaching. Any potentially emotional cycle provides us a reason to access those deeper parts of our being. Those parts of us intuitively remember what to do when we are thrown off of our center.

You may want to think of it like driving down a bumpy road. There are many things “you can do” during the bumpy ride but isn’t the most centering thing you can do about taking a deeper look inside to see how you really feel? You may be holding onto the handrail or looking around to see what “you can do” but taking a deep breath and finding your inner self is all that you can “really” do.

Here are some of the things to watch during a Moon Wobble that I have found in my research and experience:

**Things may not always be what they seem. Check things out, and ask questions, even if it seems annoying to the other person. This applies to many things; some of which are buying products, apartment hunting, even dating.

**Practice flexibility during this period. Sometimes things don’t go as planned during this time. Be open to more possibilities.

Finally, emotions can be somewhat irrational during this time. Try to stay centered. Keep out of a reaction mode and simply wait until the cycle is over. You may find that things weren’t really as they seemed and an opening of understanding will be more available to you.

“Quote For The Week”

“Learn the art of patience.
Apply discipline to your thoughts, when
they become anxious over
the outcome of a goal. Impatience
breeds anxiety, fear, discouragement
and failure.
Patience creates confidence,
decisiveness and a rational outlook,
Which eventually leads to success.”

–Brian Adams