Cycle Changes  — Forward? Backward! Forward! — March 28, 2005

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Hello Everyone! Today’s Wisdom Teaching includes all of the many cycle changes that have happened in this past week.

Saturday, March 19th – Tuesday, April 12th

Mercury Goes Retrograde 14 degrees Aries backward to 2 degrees Aries

Anytime Mercury goes Retrograde just think, “It is time to re-organize!” I know… I know…..nobody wants to redo or rethink anything! Or for that matter, ever go back over something that has felt completed. But, these three weeks are about recognizing something that might need to be revisited.


Depending on where Mercury is transiting in your natal horoscope, this could be anywhere from home, health, career or even relationship. Because Mercury has to do with the mind and communication this could include breakdowns or adjustments with communication devices such as computers, telephones, or any type of machine (cars included). The breakdowns can also be unexpected. Mercury doesn’t make these things happen, it is just associated with communication and when it goes retrograde we need to “recommunicate.” Lets face it, life is sometimes about “going back over” something. That is what these three weeks are focused on. So, keep “open-minded” whenever Mercury goes Retrograde!!!!

Vernal Equinox “1st Day of Spring!” 

Sunday, March 20th!

Ahhhh! Spring is here! I awake to the birds singing and the warmth of the Sun! In Astrology the first day of Spring coincides with the Sun moving into the Astrological Sign Aries. Each Cardinal sign “leads us into a season.” (Cancer into Summer, Libra into Fall, Capricorn into Winter). Spring is the time for big changes! Coupled with the above Mercury Retrograde cycle it is time to dust off the shelves, prepare and reorganize for spring.

Saturn Is Now Direct! 20 degrees Cancer

Monday, March 21st

Saturn went retrograde November 7, 2004 and is now moving forward again. This is probably one of the most significant cycle changes because Saturn will move completely out of the Sign of Cancer on July 16, 2005. The biggest change with this is collectively we will be moving away from the things we identify as security and moving toward identifying the things that brings us joy. Creativity, entertainment, children and fun will be the underlying theme with Saturn in Leo for the next 2 1/2 years! (I will write a future teaching on Saturn in Leo to explain this in more detail.) For now, finish up with identifying your security and home issues and prepare for a new two-year cycle of Saturn in Leo. This is a big change and will unfold slowly over the next 2 1/2 years. (Note: Interest Rates are sure to rise now because Saturn is moving out of Cancer, (a water sign) and moving into Leo (a Fire sign).)

Full Moon in Libra

Friday, March 25th

The Full Moon this past Friday was in the sign of Libra and suggests that attention to balance, relationship, and equality are high for us these next two weeks. The past New Moon (March 9th in Pisces) began a cycle focused on feelings, compassion and the need to deal with making your feelings real. The Full Moon completes the cycle in Libra by helping you to understand that what we may “feel” on the inside isn’t always mirrored by those we are in relationship to. In this area of relationship we will always need to negotiate our needs and feelings with others. That is what this full moon is about, the balance of relationship. Those we are in relationship to may not feel or need the same things that we feel or want. It is in this area that we may need to change and come to a fuller understanding.

Upcoming Cycle Change!

Finally, Pluto will be going Retrograde this Saturday, March 26th at 6:28 PM PST.

Pluto is moving through an area of your horoscope and as it moves forward it will be time for you to move ahead with transformation and change in that area. I will have a teaching on that next week. Until then, thank you for all your support and love!



“Wisdom Teaching Quote “

“The highest reward for a person’s toil

is not what they get for it

but what they become by it .”

~ John Ruskin