Mercury Retrograde Cycle  September 3, 2003   (August 28th thru September 20th 2003)

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Today’s Wisdom teaching is on the Mercury Retrograde Cycle. Mercury has been retrograde since August 28th. Mercury is the planet associated with the mind, communication and the intellect. In fact, Mercury’s placement in an astrological chart helps us to understand the way that person thinks, perceives and communicates.A Mercury Retrograde cycle calls us to “rethink and “re-perceive,” or “re-communicate.” It is really that simple.

Mercury is in the sign of Virgo. Key concepts for Virgo are service, work and perfection. Virgo’s are here to understand the principle of serviceand the ideal work situation. Virgo is an earth sign. Earth signs focus on things that are practical, real and solid. A truly balanced Virgo can lead us to embrace the concept of efficiency and the realistic assessment of any environment.  What is needed now?


What is needed during this is the assessment and rethinking of practical and real ideas associated with what service you provide to yourself and to the world. How you can provide the highest service possible to yourself and the world. If you are a teacher perhaps it will be “rethinking” what the highest and most perfect attribute you could explore and perhaps exude in being a teacher. Are you being a good listener? Is the information you are providing a real service to your students? If you are in the business world, are you operating your business in the most solid and practical way that is aligned with your mission statement?

The shadow of this cycle lies in being too overly critical of oneself or focusing too much on the perfection of what you are doing. The best way to balance any cycle is to look at the sign that is opposite the one being assessed. In this case, that is Pisces. Pisces energy is water, which symbolically is about consciousness and flow. While Mercury is retrograde, see if you can focus on flowing with, rather than over thinking the ideas that are coming to you at this time. Slowing down and assessing “the big picture” rather than being too overly critical with what needs to be done will help you during this time.


“Quote For The Week”


We are the flow,

We are the ebb,

We are the weavers,

We are the web.

~Shekinah Mountainwater