Moon Wobble!!  August 17th, 2003

blue flowers

Okay friends, we are entering into a Moon Wobble this weekend. 

As the name implies it is a cycle of emotional instability and chaos. The wisdom needed during Moon Wobble is to stay conscious!! Focus on your ability to find where the real internal fear is generated. The possibility of excessive drama and fear can be high during this time.

The exact date for the Moon Wobble is Sunday, August 17th at 11:00 pm (PDT). To see the chart for this Moon Wobble click here:  This page will show you the exact chart for the Moon Wobble.  The chart is setup for California, or Pacific Daylight Time. Please add or subtract according to your own time zone. 

A Moon Wobble occurs when the transiting  Sun makes an exact contact with the Lunar (the Moon’s) Nodes.  In astrological terms this contact is called a square or a conjunction. All Moon Wobbles last approximately 20 days.  The cycle starts 10 days before it hits the exact degrees and ends 10 days after it is exact. So in this case it started on August 7th, hits exact on August 17th and ends on August 27th.


I counsel my clients to handle this extremely intense cycle by encouraging  them to become conscious observers. Watch what comes up for you emotionally.  “If something informs you, it is not an issue for you.  If something affects you, it is an issue for you.” Intense cycles help us to become more aware of what work we need to do and also what tools we already possess to handle whatever comes our way. If you don’t have the tools, you find out quite quickly during a Moon Wobble.

Since this Moon Wobble is in fixed signs (Leo and Taurus) the questions that will also help you get through this process are, “In what ways am I fixating on this problem and need to learn how to become more flexible and go with the flow?  or, “Where must I maintain stability while others around me are afraid to change or grow?”

Wisdom is learned by experience. It cannot be taught. Learn the art of staying centered during this cycle. Keep out of “reaction” mode and wait until the cycle is over.  You may find that “things aren’t really as they seemed.” The opening to greater wisdom and understanding will always be available to you if you experience the calm part of yourself during any storm.

“Quote For The Week”

Labor to keep alive

In your breast

That little spark of celestial fire,

Called conscience.


~George Washington