Dear Friends


This email is to confirm the Moon Wobble is fully in progress! My Wisdom Teaching #39 had a few errors in it, which is generally what can happen in a moon wobble – even to us astrologers!!! It really is so perfect….. Thanks to all of you who emailed me about the incorrect date in the email and those who informed me that about the additional Wisdom Teaching that was accidentally sent out! I always appreciate your feedback!

Yes, Moon Wobble is “Sunday August 17th” not Saturday!   Also, it was amazing to me last night watching the news after sending the teaching out regarding the huge blackout in the northeast area of the country at 4:11 pm last night. This is exactly kind of thing that can happen during a moon wobble.

Thank you again!  Much love and peace,  Amber

“Quote For The Week”

Labor to keep alive

In your breast

That little spark of celestial fire,

Called conscience.

~George Washington