New Moon & Solar Eclipse  May 30, 2003

new moon

Today we will be experiencing a New Moon at 9:20pm PST at 9 degrees Gemini. We will also be having a Solar Eclipse at 9 degrees Gemini.

What is a Solar Eclipse?

A Solar Eclipse is basically the full or partial obscuring of the Sun by the Moon. The moon will be shadowing the Sun at 9 degrees Gemini (tropical).If you would like more information on what exactly a Solar Eclipse is in the sky, please go to:

How will it affect me?

How a Solar Eclipse will affect you “Astrologically speaking” is relative to where it falls in your Natal Chart. If you have your chart handy, put the Sun at 9 degrees Gemini into your chart. You will then have where the effects may be felt for you. If it is in your 2nd house then it will be affecting your sense of money, values and meaning. This is relative to who you “think” you are, and what value you place on yourself.

An eclipse of the Sun is one of the many mysterious elements in astrology. Since it is the sun, it will act as a strong stimulant in bringing about the unfoldment of your birth chart. It will do this by bringing intense “Sun” energy to a specific area of your chart.

For those of you who have planets in, or around 9 degrees of Gemini, this Eclipse will help to trigger the energies of those planets. It will also trigger where they are in your chart (which house). Also if you have mutable planets (virgo, sagittarius, pisces) around 9 degrees, this Eclipse will also strongly affect those planets since it will be making an aspect to them.

What can I do during an Eclipse?

Don’t get too impatient during this time. Mainly an eclipse marks the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. Watch what seems to be coming your way and pay attention to what you need to let go of. Sometimes it can take a few weeks to see what is actually coming in with the new cycle and what is coming to completion.

“Quote For The Week”


“Some people change
when they see the light
others when they feel
the heat.”

~Caroline Schoeder

“Life is a pure flame,
and we live by an invisible
sun within us.”

~Sir Thomas Browne