April 16, 2003  Full Moon in Libra   (Wednesday, April 16, 2003 at 12:36pm PST at 26 degrees Libra)


Full Moon Cycles are “power times.” They can be highly charged emotional times. They produce a higher state of tension, release and excitement in humans, animals and plants. Therefore, on a Full Moon one’s judgment may be colored by these feelings; knowledge we can use to our advantage if we know the sign of the Full Moon.

The Full Moon is in the Astrological sign of Libra today. Libra archetypically represents the Lover, the Artist, the Diplomat and the Peacemaker. Librans have an inner longing for expressing the self through balance and peace. They strive for the highest positive experiences through relationship and teamwork. Below is a brief explanation of how this cycle will be affecting each sign. Remember this is your Sun sign only. Depending on your individual chart, this Full Moon will also be affecting another area of your chart.  Where would that be?


  • Aries: Balance in relationships is the focus. This full moon affects your 7th House of teamwork, balance and fair play.
  • Taurus: Work, health, service and rest is the focus of this cycle. This full moon affects your 6th House of Service and skills.
  • Gemini: The balance needed is in the area of play, fun and children. This full moon affects your 5th House of Creative Self expression.
  • Cancer: Peace at home and balance between career and family is the theme.This full moon affects your 4th House of home,roots and family.
  • Leo: Balanced communication and expression of ideas is needed at this time.This full moon affects your 3rd House of networking, writing and mental focus.
  • Virgo: Money and the balance of your own gifts versus others gifts is needed now. This full moon affects your 2nd House of self esteem, confidence and possessions.
  • Libra: Sensitivity and balance through your own instincts is important now. This full moon affects your 1st House of clarity and decisiveness in your actions.
  • Scorpio: Clear out the clutter and let go of attachments. This full moon affects your 12th House of consciousness and self transcendence.
  • Sagittarius: Take a good look at your life direction. This full moon affects your 11th House of plans, goals, life themes and friendships.
  • Capricorn: Position and reputation in society versus home and family is the theme during this time. This full moon affects your 10th House of career and destiny.
  • Aquarius: A balance of philosophy, truth and belief systems is the theme. This full moon affects your 9th House of spirituality, meaning and higher purpose in life.
  • Pisces: Peace and balance is needed through psychology and the recognition of other people’s resources. This full moon affects your 8th House of death and the immortality of your consciousness.

    If you know your rising sign, you can read that Astrological sign too. For example, if you are a Pisces with a Taurus rising, read both Pisces and Taurus.

“Quote For The Week”


Dancin’ in the moonlight

everybody feelin’ warm and right

it’s such a fine and natural sight

everybody’s dancin in the moonlight

-King Harvest, “Dancin’ in the Moonlight”