March 17, 2003  Full Moon in Virgo!

moon mountain

Many events in Astrology can be tied to the Cycles of the Moon. Our current World Events are no exception. One of the more gentle ways to get through any Full Moon Cycle is to treat yourself with the utmost love and honor. The Moon symbolically represents our deepest heart felt needs, nourishment and self-care. During times of stress very simple rituals of self-care and love can often be neglected.

We will be experiencing a Full Moon in the sign of Virgo (27 degrees at 2:35 am PST) on Tuesday, March 18th, 2003. Have your chart checked to see where this Full Moon will be affecting you personally.

This Full Moon in Virgo is a time to get out and find how you can be of service. There is a beauty to service, especially in a time of crisis. It is not a time for drama, but rather a time to find “workable” solutions to everyday problems.

Virgo is a mutable earth sign and is associated withperfection, health and healing. It may be time to implement a more practical and grounding health regimen that serves you. Virgo encourages us to take care of ourselves.

Full Moon Cycles are “power times.” They can be highly charged emotional times. Research has shown they produce a higher state of tension, release and excitement in humans, animals and plants. Therefore, on a Full Moon ones judgment may be colored by these feelings. Pay attention and honor yourself during this and any Full Moon cycle.

Because Virgos place tremendous value on service, the shadow is of course the workaholic. Virgos need to balances his/her life with play or intimate relationship. Virgos also have the boundless ability to see the minute details of life and are never satisfied unless the task is absolutely perfect. The shadow of that is the annoying perfectionist who never actually completes anything, or is never happy when they do.

The Wisdom needed during this cycle is a balance between work and play. Evaluate where you really need to serve yourself. If you have been working really hard, take a nice long bath or get a massage. If you have been neglecting your work dive in and do it “perfectly.” Feel the joy in the service that you can give to others and the rewards of feeling useful and needed.

“Quote For The Week”


Great opportunities

to help others

seldom come,

but small ones

surround us daily.

~Sally Koch