February 28, 2003  Saturn Goes Direct in Gemini


Saturn went direct on Friday, February 21, 2003 at 23 degrees of Gemini.

Saturn is the principle of reality. Saturn relates to form, foundation and structure. This includes all types of structures and foundations. Saturn relates to things that are firm and solid. It is also symbolic of the things that help to “hold us together.” or tend to “support us from below.” Frameworks that hold us together might range from our homes to our jobs, and from relationships to beliefs, and business. Saturn keeps us aware of that which is real!

Saturn turned retrograde (appearing to move backwards) last October 11, 2002 at 30 degrees of Gemini. Saturn is generally retrograde for about four and one-half months. During the time Saturn is retrograde things may appear stuck or immovable. Actually retrogrades are a restructuring periods that can lead to a process that is focused, concentrated and powerful.  What is a Retrograde?


Retrogrades give us an opportunity to internalize the energy so that we can modify our lives to more clearly reflect our ever-changing selves. In the case of retrograde Saturn, we may focus on, for example, remodeling our home, changing our jobs, or re-orienting our relationships to better reflect who we think we are.

Upon completion of the Saturn retrograde cycle we might surface with a new authority and a greater sense of personal strength. We might also have a more clear knowledge of who we really are. This process is especially important to Capricorn Sun people, for Saturn is their “ruling” planet, the planet most important in their lives.

Saturn first went retrograde last July 8, 2002 to begin the final process of its transit through Gemini. It will move through Gemini to the end of May, 2003 to complete this 2 1/2 year cycle. 

The Wisdom for this cycle is to gather together what you have been working on for the past 2 1/2 years and move forward. With Saturn now moving forward it is time for you to move forward too. Gemini is about thinking, perception, communication, and information. Therefore, it is time to move forward with your thoughts, ideas, communication and information.

Whatever you’ve been building for the last seven months will now move ahead quickly and forcefully. The end of May will complete this re-structuring cycle. In early June, Saturn enters Cancer to shift the focus from “communication” to the re-structuring of your deeper needs, feelings and nourishment. It will be time to begin the work of feeling and navigating a home within your-self. 

Saturn will be in Cancer for the next 2 1/2 years. Duty and responsibility versus needs and feelings will be the theme for this next Saturn Cycle. On June 4, Saturn moves into the sign of Cancer for the next 2 1/2 years. Saturn in Cancer last occurred during both World War II and Vietnam. Tremendous changes in how families and communities relate were the result. Saturn feels most at home in Capricorn. Saturn being in the opposite sign makes this an uncomfortable placement for Saturn’s patriarchial influence. I will cover this more in-depth in a future teaching. For now, move ahead.. Completion is around the corner for Saturn’s final transit in Gemini.



“Quote For The Week”


“Courteous Reader,

Astrology is one of the most

ancient Sciences,

held in high esteem of old,

by the

Wise and the Great.

Formerly, no Prince would make

War or Peace,

nor any General fight in Battle,

in short,

no important affair was undertaken

without first consulting

an Astrologer.”

–Benjamin Franklin(Sun, Venus in Capricorn)