New Moon Cycle  August 31, 2001   


Looking forward to the Full Moon! This Sunday, September 2 at 2:43 pm PST (11:43 am EST) our glorious moon will be officially full, and centered in the Astrological sign of Pisces. It has been said that the full moon produces a higher state of tension, release and excitement in humans, animals and plants. Therefore, at a full moon judgment may be colored by these feelings–knowledge we can most certainly use to our advantage.

How can we be wiser with this emotionally intense cycle? The full moon is a better time for relaxing and nurturing oneself. It is also the time to receive the wisdom that comes from a completed cycle. For instance, full moon time is better for meditation, play and enjoyable pastimes where the unexpected is part of the picture. Fun and play can help to use up the extra energy and tension in a creative and positive manner. The attempt to do more sobering tasks at this time requires repression of those emotionally charged feelings. This could prove to be more difficult and could certainly result in, and adversely affect your performance in matters of work and business.

 The moon will be in the astrological sign of Pisces. Pisces archetypically represents the mystic, the visionary or the dreamer. Pisceans have an inner longing for spiritual experiences, transcendent realities and positive experiences of release from the confines of the body. I recommend a trip to the ocean, reading a good book or watching a movie. Pisces energy also places less value on the world and is always ready to make sacrifices for others. Pisceans have boundless empathy and deep understanding for others and their struggles in the world. Do you know of someone who is struggling or in need of your spiritual support? Do you know of someone who needs help re-dreaming their life?

Take good care of yourself this weekend. Rest, relax and expect revelations. 

“Quote For The Week”



Cannot discover

New oceans

Until he has courage

To lose sight

Of the shore.