Mercury Retrograde  September 13, 2002

slow down

Mercury, our swiftest moving planet will be going Retrograde tomorrow, Saturday in the signs of Virgo and Libra. This cycle will last 23 days, September 14th through October 6th. Mercury Retrograde happens about 3 times a year.

A retrograde planet is one that (when viewed from the earth) “appears” to have stopped and is moving backward through the sky. After some time the planet then goes “direct” and resumes it’s normal cyclic path. Every planet retrogrades except the Sun and the Moon.

This cycle is a time in which we need to reflect and reorganize. Two specific areas of life are affected by this cycle for each astrological sign. This is because Mercury starts out in Libra and then on October 2nd moves back into Virgo. Below is a brief explanation of the two areas where reflection, review, and reorganization are indicated. What house will Mercury retrograde in your sign?

 Mercury will retrograde for:


  • Aries-in your 7th & 6th house. Focus and rethink the ways you express communication in your significant relationships and in your workplace.
  • Taurus-in your 6th & 5th house. Rethink your communication in your workplace and don’t forget to evaluate how you like to play. Have fun and rethink of more creative ways to express yourself.
  • Gemini-in your 5th & 4th house. Reflect on ways in which you can be creative. Add play to your life. Review your home environment and put some thought into putting down “roots.”
  • Cancer-in your 4th & 3rd house. Put some extra thought into your home and roots. Focus on rethinking your communication skills and networking ideas.
  • Leo-in your 3rd & 2nd house. Review your networking ideas and ways in which you communicate with your close family. Put some extra thought into your money matters and self-esteem.
  • Virgo-in your 2nd & 1st house. Re-evaluate your finances, money and self-esteem. Focus on your intuition and thoughts about who you are. Take time out for yourself.
  • Libra-in your 1st & 12th house. Take time out for yourself, rethink your direction from your instincts. Clear out clutter and make sure you get some downtime to rest!
  • Scorpio-in your 12th & 11th house. Clear out clutter and get some rest. Rethink your goals and aspirations and review the direction you are taking before moving forward.
  • Sagittarius-in your 11th & 10th house. Review your long-term goals and aspirations. Set your thoughts to rethinking your career and what success means to you.
  • Capricorn-in your 10th & 9th house. Rethink and review your career and ideas about success. Remember and renew your thoughts about your spirituality & faith in higher thoughts and travel.
  • Aquarius-in your 9th & 8th house. Reflect on your spirituality and faith. Review your ideas and thoughts about joint ventures, debts and contracts involving other people’s resources.
  • Pisces-in your 8th & 7th Rethink your contracts with others, business and marriage matters. Re-evaluate your communication with your significant other and rethink your teamwork ideas.

Mercury retrograde can give rise to personal misunderstandings, disrupted or delayed communications and poor negotiations. Many of these problems can arise because some crucial piece of information has been miscomprehended or misunderstood. The Wisdom needed during this time is to rethink your relationship in the above areas and turn your mind inward to the relationship you have with yourself as a reflection of the relationships you have drawn to you in your life. Be cautious with your words and thoughts to others. Remember Mercury has to do with communication. Words have power. Are they expressing what you really want to say and are you really listening to what others are saying?


“Quote For The Week”


“Don’t cling to the
Things of the past,
Rejecting new concepts
And new challenges.
This negative mental attitude
Blocks the creative processes
From true expression
Causing mental inertia,
Which is to live
In a vacuum,
To mentally wither
And die on the vine.

~Brian Adams