Sun Sign Leo  August 13, 2002


Hello everyone! It feels great to be back after a trip back east to visit family.  I hope you enjoy today’s Wisdom. I am a bit partial to it. I am a Leo, born August 20. Enjoy!

Today’s Wisdom Teaching is focused on the Astrological Sign Leo. (July 22nd_Aug 23rd). Leo is the sign of the Lion. It is the fifth astrological sign and the Second Fire Sign. Leo’s are optimistic, warm, creative, generous and self-confident.

Leo’s are the “creative ones” of the zodiac. They are dedicated to uniquely expressing and creating themselves in the world. Royalty and grandeur are also attributes of Leo’s. These qualities can be seen by their need to rule like our great kings and queens. On the other hand, they are quite eager to show their love and joy. Much like the innocence and freshness of a child. What are the symbols for Leo?

 The symbol for Leo is a circle with a long upward-moving curled tail. This symbol looks like a chamber linked to an artery. Leo is associated with the heart and the circulatory system. Thus, Leo is related to the center of the body, the heart. The heart is the vortex to which all energy must flow and from which all life force emanates. The tremendous amount of blood that is pumped in and out of the heart daily is likened to the way in which Leo’s feel they must move and express their life force and creativity.

The key phrase that expresses Leo’s direction in life is “I Will.” Leo moves through life with the desire to create and express themselves with joy, love and trust. Aries has pioneered the land, Taurus has cultivated it, Gemini explores new regions and Cancer finds the secure dwelling or home in which they will reside to feel safe and protected. Leo desires to forego the security of these previous signs and explore creativity, love and self-expression.

Leo’s wisdom comes through knowing the importance of “creating new life.” Leo comes into life with an inner sense of confidence and trust. It is these qualities that draw others to them. Leo’s wisdom comes from the heart. They have a unique way of bringing out the best in people and are themselves very loyal. They possess a tremendous amount of courage. Their deepest wisdom comes from knowing that their greatest light shines “through” them, but not from them. They teach us to learn to become vehicles of the Divine Will. That everything we create ultimately comes from a greater divine source. They teach us that to perform for the world is to learn to trust it and in the end to learn to trust the love that can come through us and not from us.

Self-confidence, creativity and self-expression are wonderful attributes of this sign, but the shadow to the Leo is pride, laziness and arrogance. If confidence turns to vanity, others can turn away, and will. If there is too much of the royal rulership, this may leave little room for other people to play. Leo’s project can become everyone’s project. If you are not on his side you fail to prove your loyalty, an absolute capital crime in the State of Leo. Leo’s can be very gullible and in this respect they can become ruined by flattery and applause. Easily hurt by neglect and absence of love, they will find themselves doing anything for a morsel or scrap of anything that looks like love. Leo must develop self-confidence on merit, not words. They must learn to connect to a higher humanitarian purpose and will succeed when their personal ambitions are linked to this higher purpose. If Leo’s creativity is inspired by a truly divine and higher cause, then his heart’s passion will link to the Divine Will, which will ultimately serve to light and warm the hearts of others and the entire world.

“Quote For The Week”

“I want to be thoroughly used up

when I die,

for the harder I work,

the more I live.

Life is no brief candle for me.

It is a sort of

splendid torch

which I have got hold of

for a moment,

and I want to make it burn as

brightly as possible

before handing it on to

future generations.”

~George Bernard Shaw