Sun Sign Cancer  July 16, 2002

beautiful crab

Today’s Wisdom Teaching is focused on the Astrological Sign Cancer. (June 21st- July 22nd). Cancer is the sign of the Crab. It is the fourthastrological sign and the First Water Sign. The crab is sensitive, nurturing, protective, vulnerable and kind. They are the healers of the zodiac. Cancer also has a natural instinct to mother. No sign feels as much as the Cancer. You will find them moving about the world fascinated by the array of emotions they can feel.

The symbol for Cancer is two small circles each attached to a semicircle. One semicircle is turned upward, the other faces down. The symbol represents 2 seeds connecting in an effort to create and sustain new life. Cancer therefore relates to the life force that is strong within each of us. It also relates to the strong desire within each of us to survive, maintain and develop security.  What are the key phrases for Cancer?


The key phrase that expresses Cancer’s direction in life is “I Feel.” Cancer moves through life with the gift of kindness and security. Aries has pioneered the land, Taurus has cultivated it, Gemini explores new regions and Cancer finds the secure dwelling or home in which they will reside to feel safe and protected. The impulse to settle down into a secure home helps to lead them to their ultimate evolutionary goal, which is to develop a true sense of self.

Because Cancer’s wisdom comes through knowing the importance of “feelings,” Cancer’s sensing capabilities are highly tuned and delicate. They must have their feelings to survive and they must also be able to tell others what they “need” to survive. Needs and feelings are what Cancer’s are all about. We can learn from Cancer how essential it is to “have” feelings and how important it is to express our feelings to grow and evolve. Cancer’s ability to know the value of expressing our feelings helps us to touch the place where our innermost truth and security lies-within ourselves.

Feelings, sensitivity and security are dedicated attributes of this sign, but the shadow to the Cancer is insecurity, over-emotional identification and instability. When the Cancer person looks outward to others to meet his or her needs then the confusion begins. Ultimate security is never resolved or obtained from outside situation or from relationships. The Cancerian who seeks security from outer elements will become frustrated and blocked. They must learn to use their inner world and imagination to develop their security. Once Cancer is aware of where their security comes from (their inner life) they will never seek security in the outer world but always check in first with the self to solve their emotional problems.

“Quote For The Week”



Make a way for yourself

inside yourself.

Stop looking in the

other way of looking.”

~Jelaluddin Rumi