Sun Sign Gemini  June 14, 2002


Today’s Wisdom Teaching is focused on the Astrological Sign Gemini. (May 20/21-June 21st). Gemini is the sign of the Twins.

It is the third astrological sign and the first air sign in the Zodiac. The twins are social, versatile, curious, dualistic and inquisitive.

They are also the networkers of the zodiac, restless and eager to experience life. Gemini is often seen flitting from one place to another but is also quite comfortable sitting and teaching others about his greatest gift, the mind. What is the symbol for Gemini?

The symbol for Gemini is two lines with two semi circles one fixed above and the other below the lines. This symbol stands for two pillars. In ancient times the Twins were guardians of all doorways and entrances. The crescent moons above and below the two pillars are symbolic of the path that Gemini must stay on. They must reach the perfection of joining their lower egocentric desires with their higher and more divine spirit. This results in the unification of the old adage, “As above, so below. As within, so without.”

The keyword that expresses Gemini’s direction in life is “I think.” Gemini moves through life with the gift of words and communication. Aries have pioneered the land, Taurus has cultivated it and Gemini must explore new regions, find new roads and connect to the community. The impulse to experience life and connect, lead him to his evolutionary goal which is to develop new mental perceptions, ideas and concepts.

Gemini wisdom comes through knowing the importance of “curiosity.” Gemini’s curiosity comes with the essential nature of that of a child that is to always ask, “why?” We can also learn from Gemini that we need new thoughts and new concepts to be able to evolve. Gemini’s help us choose the correct words, phrases or ideas that are most important to any given situation. The gift of Gemini is knowing the value of words and logic that stems from our mind and it’s ability to help us communicate.

Curious is the Gemini but their shadow is the restlessness of their mind. The nature of their mind is that it is always moving and darting about. Many Gemini’s can flit away from any situation that ties them down or will curb their fun. The shadow reveals itself assuperficiality and the complaint about the Gemini is that they lack commitment and sincerity. Gemini must learn to find the key to the mind. They must learn that it is not the supreme commander of their existence. Once Gemini transcends the mind and makes it his servant he is not be possessed by it. He finds a whole world of new philosophical ideas that are not limited to a level of curiosity, but finds meaning in life. The Gemini’s restless mind must balance with the higher and more intuitive mind represented by the crescent moons balancing above and below the two pillars. This is where Gemini will finds his or her balance in the cosmos.


“Quote For The Week”


The Soul of our mind

Has to be cultivated

For the seed of the

Truth to take such hold.