Sun Sign Taurus  May 17, 2002


Today’s Wisdom Teaching is focused on the Astrological Sign Taurus. (Apr 19-May 19th). Taurus is the sign of the Bull. It is thesecond astrological sign and the First Earth Sign in the Zodiac. The bull is solid, tenacious, practical, reserved and sensitive. They are also extremely affectionate and understanding. Taurus can be seen forcefully plowing through the fields of life or lazily laying on a rock smelling the marvelous fragrance of a new flower.

The symbol for Taurus is a circle with a semi-circle resting on the top. This suggests a full moon with a crescent moon sitting above it. The Moon is the symbol for Celestial Mother and is symbolic of the principles of growth and fertility. The Moon is comfortable when placed in the sign of Taurus.  What are the keywords for Taurus?

 The keyword that expresses Taurus’s direction in life is “I have.” Taureans move through life with a keen awareness of the practical necessities needed for living. Stubborn, conservative and careful, Taurus drives forward to settle the land that Aries has pioneered and discovered. The impulse to cultivate and use the resources he has found leads him to understand the practical necessities of life which are his ultimate evolutionary goal. Taurus can also feel that an experience cannot have meaning unless it fulfills some assigned purpose.

The Wisdom that comes from this sign is the importance of “stability” likened to that of an oak tree that has withstood the many storms. We can also learn from Taurus that it is important to find the areas in our lives where we have created stability and security. The consciousness of our stability helps us to navigate our lives from a connection to what we value and to what is already real or tangible.

Stable is the Taurus but the shadow to this sign lies in their inability to have a wider imagination when they need it the most. Many Taureans do not believe in something until they see it. Because of this, reason and abstract philosophy do not make much of an impression on the Bull. Taurus must learn an openness to change that is found through their opposite sign Scorpio. Scorpio encourages and welcomes rebirth, transformation and change. Once they embrace the vision of change, stability takes on a greater and deeper meaning. Stability must balance with Change. The combination of these two qualities will help to free the Bull and bring love and a great calm to his/her soul. Change is not be feared but to help balance the great desire for stability.

“Quote For The Week”


The Earth has Music

For those who will Hear.

~William Shakespeare


(Shakespeare had both his Sun and Moon in Taurus)

(Quote submitted by Catherine Coluzzi — a wonderful Leo with her Moon in Taurus too!)