Change!  Change!  Change is in the air!   August 24, 2001


Pluto our smallest and most distant planet in the Solar System has been in a retrograde (moving backward) position for the past 5 months. Yesterday it went direct (moved forward). Did you feel a shift?

Pluto’s Cycle is best understood as a deep Transformation Cycle. Pluto’s message really embodies the deep archaic feminine element. It teaches us that we can be fruitful, creative and healing, as well as dark, destructive and cruel.

Experiences with Pluto can be related to misuse of power, helplessness, dependency, and entanglement. Its strengths are associated with tremendous creativity, deep psychological changes in oneself and an association with supernatural healing forces. It has also been called the archetype of the magician!

 In Nature, Pluto is best expressed through violent events such as Volcanoes and Geysers. A geologist explains, “Volcanoes both harass and help mankind. However, the short-term hazards posed by volcanoes are balanced by benefits. Volcanic materials ultimately break down to form some of the most fertile soils on Earth.”

Knowing where Pluto is in your Astrological Natal Chart can help you understand where your greatest creativity and power lies and also where the fundamental wound of power and transformation exists. Once you have understood and harnessed this powerful energy it can prove to provide magic to you, and those around you. The image of the volcano can help us to understand how we are intrinsically connected to Nature and its principles. Pluto shows up as a symbolic message. It is just that its message is hard to ignore. Much like a Volcano.

Now that Pluto has gone direct it is time to move forward and bring forth your unconscious feminine power from the depths of your psyche. If you have been afraid to step into deeper healing processes this is the time to move forward with them. Our psychological wounds can be embraced and understood. Now is the time. Let the steam come up from your volcano, release the tension of long ago beliefs and feelings from long ago that no longer serve you. You will have new fertile ground to walk upon that will nourish your heart and soul.

“Quote For The Week”


What lies behind you,
And what lies before you,
Pales in significance
To what lies
Within you.

–Ralph Waldo Emerson