Sun Sign Aries  April 10, 2002


Today’s Wisdom Teaching is focused on the Astrological Sign Aries. (Mar 20th-Apr 20th). Aries is the first Fire sign in the Zodiac. The symbol is the Ram, seen charging ahead into any obstacle in its path. This suggests that he is asserting his or her will toward any activity that requires courage and confidence.

The symbol for Aries is two lines splitting up and out from one line, suggesting outstretched arms as a symbol of the awakening of the forces of our will. This symbol is about new life and reaching into new and exciting experiences in the world and learning how to direct the force and energy of our will.  What is the Aries direction?


The keyword that expresses the Aries direction in life is “I AM.” Aries move into life with inexhaustible optimism. They are completely unburdened by other people’s experiences and find new and creative ways to conquer and fight life’s many battles. They teach us to look upon a task with spontaneity and excitement.

The Wisdom that comes from this sign is the importance of “impulsivity” likened to that of a child, which can make life exciting and a bit dangerous. We can also learn from Aries to simply “start” our own fire and move forward into life with individuality.

Recently I hired an Aries woman. At the end of the day I am amazed at how much we have accomplished. She finds creative and unusual ways to pursue tasks and comes up with new ideas that help my business run more efficiently. I feel blessed for having found such an inspired being.

Uncomplicated is the Aries, but there is a shadow to all of the signs, even to our Rams. Problem areas for the Aries includeimpatience and recklessness. Sometimes in their enthusiasm they do not “look before they leap.” Perhaps attached to the stimulus and excitement of life they can forget to look ahead, ask questions and learn how to “feel” into a situation before pursuing it. Aries must learn that they can ultimately help the world by developing a more objective viewpoint and also work on building a level ofself-control and balance, which are the qualities associated with the opposite sign-Libra. Peace, patience, and balance with othersare concepts that always need to be focused on. Once they access these qualities, look out!! There is nothing the Aries cannot do or conquer in the world if balance is learned and developed. 

“Quote For The Week”


Life is either
a daring adventure,
or nothing.
Security does not exist in nature,
nor do the children of men
as a whole
experience it.
Avoiding danger
is no safer
in the long run
than exposure.

~ Helen Keller