Sun Sign Aquarius  February 14, 2002

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Today’s Wisdom Teaching is focused on the Astrological Sign Aquarius. (Jan 19th-Feb 18th) Aquarius is the final Air sign in the Zodiac. The symbol is the Water Bearer, which depicts a man pouring water out of an urn or container. This suggests that he is sharing something. The water actually represents knowledge and information.

The symbol for Aquarius is two wavy lines, which are often mistaken for water. These lines are representative of thought wavesmoving through the air. These waves represent the ideas and visions that have not yet taken form. Aquarians are therefore our true Visionaries. They help us grasp the deeper part of us that knows we are creating our own life first from our thoughts.  What is Aquarian energy like?


The keyword that expresses the Aquarian direction in life is “I Know.” If you look at the word “Know,” you will find the word “Now” which is ultimately more important as the final endpoint of this sign. As soon as you think you “know” everything you come to the realization that you don’t know anything at all. Knowledge can be seductive to an Aquarian but their true path is to live in the moment. The Now. True Visionaries point the finger to the present moment. What can I do today? Therefore, pure Aquarian energy is about spontaneity, change, and the absolute loyalty to the truth in the moment. How many people do you know that live in the Now? It takes true “knowing” to act in the moment and also requires true courage. Aquarians are capable of this because they are deeply thoughtful and intelligent.

Each sign has a Shadow associated with it. For the Aquarian, which is the most intellectual sign, it is being careful about living too much in their thoughts and ideas. They must help the world by expressing their true vision of humanity and help others to see that their choices in the moment lead to the attainment of their future ideals. They must learn to “Act” on their ideas or run the risk of becoming isolated by their mental activity.

“Poem For The Week”


It is time we all learn from the butterfly,
this beautiful, fitful creature
that so unpremeditatively graces our eyes—
We are fat on the leaves around us;
grown sluggish, haven’t we eaten enough?
Oh, some of us are in chrysalis already–
It is time then we metamorphose further
It is time we go all the way
It is time we lighten up into a new element
It is time we feed on nectar
It is time we show our color
It is time we master the Air
as the butterfly
so gracefully and playfully
is adept
of the ways
of Air—
It is time we all learn from the butterfly
It is time we turn outward our inward beauty.

by Ron Lampi