Mercury Retrograde  February 4, 2002  Mercury Retrograde! (January 18th-February 8th)

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Today’s Weekly Wisdom teaching is on the Mercury Retrograde cycle. Mercury has been retrograde since January 18th. Mercury is the planet associated with the mind and the intellect. Mercury helps us determine the way one thinks and perceives. A Mercury Retrograde cycle calls us to “rethink and re-perceive.” It is really that simple.

Mercury has been in the sign of Aquarius, but moved back (retrograde) into Capricorn on Sunday Feb 3rd. Capricorn is associated with responsibility, seriousness and completion. Is there a project that you have been irresponsible about and not brought to completion? With Mercury’s re-entering into the sign of Capricorn, this may be where your “thoughts” have been re-directed. What does it mean when Mercury is retrograde in Capricorn?


Capricorn is also associated with fathers or father figures. Perhaps it is time to rethink your relationship with your fathers or father figures. Also, any kind of authority can become prominent during this time as well. Perhaps it is the authority and responsibilities that you have for others that is on your mind today as well. What is called for during this time is practical no-nonsense thinking this week. Also, be aware of the pitfalls or the shadow of this sign which is the “joyless drudge” and/or “the grumbler.”

Finally what will be needed this week is the balance of the Capricorn energy. This is found in the opposite sign-Cancer. The opposite sign always shows us what is needed to balance the cycle we are currently in.

What is needed to accomplish balance this week is paying attention to your “feelings” and “nurturing” yourself appropriately. After you have focused all day on that “project” that needs to be completed, turn your energy inward to what your real “needs” are. Nurture yourself, eat well, take a long bath or get a nice nurturing massage. One of life’s fundamental lessons is about finding balance. This final week of Mercury being retrograde is finding the balance between the “responsibilities” to the world and the “responsibilities” toyour needs and feelings. (Mercury will go direct on Friday, February 8th, and then move forward into the sign of Aquarius on Wednesday, February 13th.)

“Quote For The Week”


When you speak,

do so from your own knowing,

For there are many that may

take heed to what you say.

To speak out of what is known

only to others

Is to mislead

your brothers and sisters.


July 1999