Sun Sign Sagittarius  December 14, 2001  Sun Sign Wisdom!


Our Sun is currently in the sign of Sagittarius (Nov 21/22-Dec 21). Sagittarius is the sign of justice, truth, perception and the search for meaning. The symbol for Sagittarius is The Centaur. The Centaur’s arrow aims into the heavens and strives for higher things in life. The centaur reminds us that we are human and animal, and that we should never forget our instinctual animal naturewhile striving for higher, lofty, idealistic human things.

The main teaching for this month is the Sagittarian quest for knowledge and personal truth.

It is the month to examine your own personal belief systems. It is time to evaluate what beliefs serve you and which ones have outworn their usefulness. Sagittarius is a “fire” sign and ruled by the planet Jupiter, the largest planet in our Solar System. It isn’t an accident that many religious holidays are recognized during this month, as well as the presence of a large, very expansive and Jolly fat man who flies through the air bearing gifts and delivering them down your Chimneys!!


Because of the expansive nature of this sign we all know that we can go a bit overboard with both our eating habits and our checkbooks this month. Try to stay focused on what your true beliefs are about this season. Perhaps actually spending time with someone and listening to them is a more truthful way of “being” with them rather then giving them a gift, which can soon be more easily forgotten. Discussing philosophy, perception and truth with a friend or family member could be a deeper way of connecting and exploring a way to expand your own beliefs and perceptions.

It takes a certain amount of surrender to see that truth is essentially an experiential thing. In addition, there are certainly universal truths that we must all adhere to. This is actually the journey of the Sagittarian, to find the truth beyond all belief systems. Examine your life to see where you are pulled toward your own experiential truth and perhaps not staying open to seeing another’s or the truth that exists beyond all belief.

“Quote For The Week”


“The wise man knows
You can’t teach anybody

~ Gary Crowley