The Moon’s Cycle August 17, 2001


Welcome to The Wisdom Teachings with Amber Flynn! This is a “free” weekly emailer. My hope is that this weekly wisdom emailer will give you an ongoing understanding of the art and science of Astrology and perhaps enlighten you on a weekly basis of the deeper mysteries and wisdom teachings in life.

Perhaps the most important cycle to consider of the many Astrological cycles is the cycle of the Moon. The Moon’s Cycle is a Wisdom Teaching that is actually understood as a Creation Cycle. Following the Cycle of the Moon helps you to stay in the natural flow of Creation with the Universe. Each particular phase of the Moon helps you to understand what part of the creative process is up and what you need to stay attentive to that will help you to reach your goals.

A Moon Cycle consists of eight phases. The following four are the most
important to follow. The New Moon starts tomorrow!

*New Moon (August 18th) in the Astrological sign of Leo!
The first part of Creation! A new start, new beginnings. What do you
want? Write it down. Initiate new contacts, start a new adventure.
Develop a clear plan.

*First Quarter Moon (August 25th) in the Astrological sign of Sagittarius. Act upon your desired Creation! The universe will act as well creating circumstances that help you to reach your goals! Do it now!

*Full Moon (September 2nd) in the Astrological sign of Pisces. Power time. Time for major realizations about your creations. Use this time to meditate, go inward and expect an inner revelation about that which you have created. You are a creative being. Rejoice in this!

*Last Quarter Moon (September 10th) in the Astrological sign of Gemini. Time to let go. Time to make a change and release whatever you’ve been holding back around your creation. Complete old projects, terminate and end any strategy that is not working for you.

“Quote For The Week”


“The moon came to me last night
with a sweet question.
She said,
The sun has been my faithful lover
for millions of years.
Whenever I offer my body to him
Brilliant light pours from his heart.
Thousands then notice my happiness
and delight in pointing
toward my beauty.

is it true that
our destiny is to turn
into light itself?
And I replied,
Dear moon,
Beloved moon,
now that your love is maturing
we need to sit together
close like this more often
So that I might be here with you
as you become
who you really are.

~ Hafiz