Full Moon Lunar Eclipse August 18th, 2016


This morning (at 2:26 am PST) we had a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius.  If you have planets in Aquarius or Leo this Eclipse will activate you.  Aquarius is the astrological sign associated with humanity, brotherhood, friendship, rebellion, freedom, unconventionality and being a visionary. Leo is the sign of generosity, leadership, creativity, drama, play, enthusiasm, love and loyalty.

Today the Full Moon brings with it a Lunar Eclipse. Eclipse’s are shadow cycles that help provide information about what is  happening right now, in the shadow.  The definition of an Eclipse is “dim or hide and conceal”, or to render invisible by the elimination of light.   So during an eclipse cycles many things can be brought to light, or may actually be revealed. Also be aware that some things can remain hidden, in the shadows. It is our responsibility to bring to awareness what shadow issues exist in our lives, and work to create more balance in our lives.

Eclipse’s are spin cycles.  They can be intensely disruptive, destabilizing and chaotic.  This is the time to become more aware of any type of deeper psychological toxicity that may be keeping you from balance. Detoxification is imperative during this time, as well as purging any unwanted behavior or releasing any toxic relationships from your life. 

These cycles come to awaken us…. but we must also be awake and aware of them as they happen. We must bring our own perceptions as to what they mean at any time by the energy of the signs, and by our awareness and intuition.  If you are experiencing increased instability, consult an Astrologer as to where you may need to become more aware.  Bringing light and awareness to shadow issues will help you to find your stability and balance.

Hans Margolius says it quite well;

“Only in quiet waters do things mirror themselves undistorted.

Only in a quiet mind is adequate perception of the world.”