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Wisdom Teaching: New Moon & Solar Eclipses

New Moon & Solar Eclipse  May 30, 2003

new moon

Today we will be experiencing a New Moon at 9:20pm PST at 9 degrees Gemini. We will also be having a Solar Eclipse at 9 degrees Gemini.

What is a Solar Eclipse?

A Solar Eclipse is basically the full or partial obscuring of the Sun by the Moon. The moon will be shadowing the Sun at 9 degrees Gemini (tropical).If you would like more information on what exactly a Solar Eclipse is in the sky, please go to: www.mreclipse.com/special/SEprimer.html

How will it affect me?

How a Solar Eclipse will affect you "Astrologically speaking" is relative to where it falls in your Natal Chart. If you have your chart handy, put the Sun at 9 degrees Gemini into your chart. You will then have where the effects may be felt for you. If it is in your 2nd house then it will be affecting your sense of money, values and meaning. This is relative to who you "think" you are, and what value you place on yourself.

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Wisdom Teaching: August Astrological Highlights 2003

Astrological Highlights  August 2, 2003


Today's Wisdom Teaching is a brief outline of the astrological cycles for August. More detailed information on these cycles will come in the next teachings during the month of August. Enjoy!

New Moon/Full Moon Cycle

Monday, July 28th initiated our New Moon Cycle at 5 degrees of Leo. Monday August 11th is our Full Moon at 19 degrees of Aquarius. Check your chart or have an astrologer check to see where this cycle will be affecting you personally. This cycle is always our Plan and Power Cycle. The New Moon is a time to Plan and initiate a new program, idea or activity. The Full Moon is a Power time and a time for execution or completion of the projects or ideas initiated on the New Moon. 

Mars went Retrograde on Tuesday July 29th at 10 degrees Pisces. It will be retrograde until September 27th. That will be 2 months of Mars being retrograde.

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Wisdom Teaching: Moon Wobble Addendum to August 2003

Dear Friends


This email is to confirm the Moon Wobble is fully in progress! My Wisdom Teaching #39 had a few errors in it, which is generally what can happen in a moon wobble - even to us astrologers!!! It really is so perfect..... Thanks to all of you who emailed me about the incorrect date in the email and those who informed me that about the additional Wisdom Teaching that was accidentally sent out! I always appreciate your feedback!

Yes, Moon Wobble is "Sunday August 17th" not Saturday!   Also, it was amazing to me last night watching the news after sending the teaching out regarding the huge blackout in the northeast area of the country at 4:11 pm last night. This is exactly kind of thing that can happen during a moon wobble.

Thank you again!  Much love and peace,  Amber

"Quote For The Week"

Labor to keep alive

In your breast

That little spark of celestial fire,

Called conscience.

~George Washington

Wisdom Teaching: Moon Wobble August 2003

Moon Wobble!!  August 17th, 2003

blue flowers

Okay friends, we are entering into a Moon Wobble this weekend. 

As the name implies it is a cycle of emotional instability and chaos. The wisdom needed during Moon Wobble is to stay conscious!! Focus on your ability to find where the real internal fear is generated. The possibility of excessive drama and fear can be high during this time.

The exact date for the Moon Wobble is Sunday, August 17th at 11:00 pm (PDT). To see the chart for this Moon Wobble click here: http://www.amberflynn.com/moonwobble8/03.htm  This page will show you the exact chart for the Moon Wobble.  The chart is setup for California, or Pacific Daylight Time. Please add or subtract according to your own time zone. 

A Moon Wobble occurs when the transiting  Sun makes an exact contact with the Lunar (the Moon's) Nodes.  In astrological terms this contact is called a square or a conjunction. All Moon Wobbles last approximately 20 days.  The cycle starts 10 days before it hits the exact degrees and ends 10 days after it is exact. So in this case it started on August 7th, hits exact on August 17th and ends on August 27th.

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Wisdom Teaching: Mercury Retrograde In Virgo

Mercury Retrograde Cycle  September 3, 2003   (August 28th thru September 20th 2003)

monk feet

Today’s Wisdom teaching is on the Mercury Retrograde Cycle. Mercury has been retrograde since August 28th. Mercury is the planet associated with the mind, communication and the intellect. In fact, Mercury’s placement in an astrological chart helps us to understand the way that person thinks, perceives and communicates.A Mercury Retrograde cycle calls us to “rethink and “re-perceive,” or “re-communicate.” It is really that simple.

Mercury is in the sign of Virgo. Key concepts for Virgo are service, work and perfection. Virgo’s are here to understand the principle of serviceand the ideal work situation. Virgo is an earth sign. Earth signs focus on things that are practical, real and solid. A truly balanced Virgo can lead us to embrace the concept of efficiency and the realistic assessment of any environment.  What is needed now?

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Wisdom Teaching: Current Astrological Cycles January 2004

Current Cycles  January 9, 2004   Hello Everyone and Happy New Year! Welcome to 2004!


(Note: New Teaching Format! Click on any of the web addresses at the end of a paragraph below. My website is where you will receive a more in-depth article on each teaching or update.)

“Weekly” Wisdom Teachings Change! Now it is: "Wisdom Teaching."
Thank you for your patience in receiving the teachings. I have changed the format of the teachings. The new name for the teachings is now “Wisdom Teachings.” The teachings will now be sent out in a timely manner rather than weekly. Click here for more information on the new format: http://www.amberflynn.com/wisdom_teachingnewformat.htm The last teaching was sent out in September. If you have missed any of my teachings you can find them on my website on the archives page at: http://www.amberflynn.com/timely_wisdom-archives.htm

Wisdom Teaching – Current Cycles for January 2004

There are many exciting cycles coming this year. Yesterday was the first Full Moon for the year in the sign of Cancer. Did you feel it? I sure did! Mercury went direct on Tuesday. It went retrograde on December 17, 2003. Time to move forward on your new projects and get the New Year started! Mercury and Venus change signs this month and Jupiter went retrograde on January 3rd. We have a New Moon on January 20th in the sign of Aquarius. Click here for the entire Wisdom Teaching #41: http://www.amberflynn.com/wisdom_teaching.htm

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Wisdom Teaching: The Moon & Pluto

Cycles of Beginning and Completion  --  

coffee glasses

Transformation & Change   May 10, 2005

The New and Full Moon

May starts with a New Moon! This past Sunday May 8th, was a New Moon in Taurus. New Moons are beginning cycles. It is time to take advantage of this cycle and begin something! Taurus is a fixed earth sign and linked strongly to the planet Venus.  Venus is associated with love and relationships. I suggest beginning something solid and practical and real within your relationship to yourself and others!  Some examples might include: talking with your loved ones about what your values, negotiating down-to-earth real things, taking care of yourself by eating well, going for a long walk or treating yourself to a nurturing massage!

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Wisdom Teaching: The Four Aims of Life

The Four Aims of Life  March 11, 2009 

cute buddha

Reality is merely an illusion,

Albeit a very persistant one.

~Albert Einstein

Today’s Wisdom Teaching is about the “Purusarthas” or the “Four Aims of Life” found in Vedic Astrology. Purusha means “human being” and Artha means “goal or objective.” The concept of Purusarthas is that a successful human life is one that achieves a specific objective as it is revealed in the Astrological Chart.

In every person’s chart there are 12 individual sections, which are called Bhavas or Houses. Each of these sections correlate to a very specific aim in life. Knowing what the Four Aims in Life are, and then connecting them to your Astrological Chart will help you to understand where your greatest challenge at any point in time will lie.

The Four Aims are:

1. Dharma: your purpose or duty.

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Wisdom Teaching: Astrological Cycle Changes March 2005

Cycle Changes  -- Forward? Backward! Forward! -- March 28, 2005

bee flower

Hello Everyone! Today’s Wisdom Teaching includes all of the many cycle changes that have happened in this past week.

Saturday, March 19th – Tuesday, April 12th

Mercury Goes Retrograde 14 degrees Aries backward to 2 degrees Aries

Anytime Mercury goes Retrograde just think, “It is time to re-organize!” I know… I know…..nobody wants to redo or rethink anything! Or for that matter, ever go back over something that has felt completed. But, these three weeks are about recognizing something that might need to be revisited.

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Wisdom Teaching: New Moon Cycle in Pisces

New Moon Cycle in Pisces -- March 10, 2005 


What is a New Moon? A New Moon is when the Sun and the Moon are both in the same astrological sign on the same day.  This happens approximately once a month.  Today, March 10th the Sun is in Pisces and the Moon is at 19 degrees Pisces.  Pisces is the sign of two fish. These two fish are swimming in opposite directions and are reaching for the tail of the other. The symbolism of “two” represents the inherent duality that exists in the sign. Perhaps this is why Pisces can sometimes be filled with indecision and worry.  Please see wisdom teaching #17 for more on Pisces.  Click here: http://www.amberflynn.com/wwhtm/wa17.htm

Today begins a New Moon Cycle. Remember that the New Moon Cycle is a Creation Cycle that works both individually and collectively. Following the cycle of the Moon helps you to stay in the natural flow of Creation with the Universe. 

The New Moon in Pisces suggests the collective reigning need for compassion, empathy and peace.  The two fish are swimming in water, which can suggest a calmness of the emotions, emotional confusion, decision or indecision.  If you look at the symbol above, the Piscean archetype is two crescent moons joined by the horizontal line of earthly experience. This suggests the bringing together of subconscious sensitivity with conscious earthiness.  Making the unimaginable REAL!

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