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Wisdom Teaching: The Sun Sign Aries

Sun Sign Aries  April 10, 2002


Today’s Wisdom Teaching is focused on the Astrological Sign Aries. (Mar 20th-Apr 20th). Aries is the first Fire sign in the Zodiac. The symbol is the Ram, seen charging ahead into any obstacle in its path. This suggests that he is asserting his or her will toward any activity that requires courage and confidence.

The symbol for Aries is two lines splitting up and out from one line, suggesting outstretched arms as a symbol of the awakening of the forces of our will. This symbol is about new life and reaching into new and exciting experiences in the world and learning how to direct the force and energy of our will.  What is the Aries direction?

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Wisdom Teaching: The Seven Days of the Week

The Seven Days of the Week  May 6, 2002


Greetings! I apologize on my teachings being “missing” from your mailbox in the past two weeks. My 15 year-old dog, Barney, passed away April 16th. Barney was a friend, but most of all a family member. We will miss him. 

This weeks teaching is on the Seven Days of the Week. The following is a very brief and fun outline of a very extensive topic. The "week" was adopted in Rome about 400 AD but its origin is ancient

Each day of the week is associated with one of our seven visible planets in the sky. I have also included some of the related Gods and Goddesses as well.  What does each day of the week relate to?

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Wisdom Teaching: The Sun Sign Taurus

Sun Sign Taurus  May 17, 2002


Today’s Wisdom Teaching is focused on the Astrological Sign Taurus. (Apr 19-May 19th). Taurus is the sign of the Bull. It is thesecond astrological sign and the First Earth Sign in the Zodiac. The bull is solid, tenacious, practical, reserved and sensitive. They are also extremely affectionate and understanding. Taurus can be seen forcefully plowing through the fields of life or lazily laying on a rock smelling the marvelous fragrance of a new flower.

The symbol for Taurus is a circle with a semi-circle resting on the top. This suggests a full moon with a crescent moon sitting above it. The Moon is the symbol for Celestial Mother and is symbolic of the principles of growth and fertility. The Moon is comfortable when placed in the sign of Taurus.  What are the keywords for Taurus?

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Wisdom Teaching: The Sun Sign Gemini

Sun Sign Gemini  June 14, 2002


Today’s Wisdom Teaching is focused on the Astrological Sign Gemini. (May 20/21-June 21st). Gemini is the sign of the Twins.

It is the third astrological sign and the first air sign in the Zodiac. The twins are social, versatile, curious, dualistic and inquisitive.

They are also the networkers of the zodiac, restless and eager to experience life. Gemini is often seen flitting from one place to another but is also quite comfortable sitting and teaching others about his greatest gift, the mind. What is the symbol for Gemini?

The symbol for Gemini is two lines with two semi circles one fixed above and the other below the lines. This symbol stands for two pillars. In ancient times the Twins were guardians of all doorways and entrances. The crescent moons above and below the two pillars are symbolic of the path that Gemini must stay on. They must reach the perfection of joining their lower egocentric desires with their higher and more divine spirit. This results in the unification of the old adage, “As above, so below. As within, so without.”

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Wisdom Teaching: The Planet Saturn & Time

The Planet Saturn & Time  June 24, 2002

ornate clock

Today’s Wisdom Teaching is focused on the Planet Saturn and the element of TimeTime is one of the basic fundamental themes in the art, and science of astrology and in all of our lives. Understanding time is necessary. The job of building a conscious awareness of the value of time rests upon the shoulders of the planet Saturn.

Where Saturn is placed in your natal chart points you to where you must take the time to develop certain qualities and disciplines, so that you may evolve and grow as a soul. Saturn symbolizes the process of responsibility, discipline, patience and change.

The sign and house position; specific placement in your chart, of Saturn helps to show an individual where he is likely to feel frustrated or meet with difficulties. These obstacles are directly and intrinsically related to where your real growth as a soul will be found. What does Saturn teach us?

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Wisdom Teaching: The Sun Sign Cancer

Sun Sign Cancer  July 16, 2002

beautiful crab

Today’s Wisdom Teaching is focused on the Astrological Sign Cancer. (June 21st- July 22nd). Cancer is the sign of the Crab. It is the fourthastrological sign and the First Water Sign. The crab is sensitive, nurturing, protective, vulnerable and kind. They are the healers of the zodiac. Cancer also has a natural instinct to mother. No sign feels as much as the Cancer. You will find them moving about the world fascinated by the array of emotions they can feel.

The symbol for Cancer is two small circles each attached to a semicircle. One semicircle is turned upward, the other faces down. The symbol represents 2 seeds connecting in an effort to create and sustain new life. Cancer therefore relates to the life force that is strong within each of us. It also relates to the strong desire within each of us to survive, maintain and develop security.  What are the key phrases for Cancer?

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Wisdom Teaching: The Sun Sign Leo

Sun Sign Leo  August 13, 2002


Hello everyone! It feels great to be back after a trip back east to visit family.  I hope you enjoy today’s Wisdom. I am a bit partial to it. I am a Leo, born August 20. Enjoy!

Today’s Wisdom Teaching is focused on the Astrological Sign Leo. (July 22nd_Aug 23rd). Leo is the sign of the Lion. It is the fifth astrological sign and the Second Fire Sign. Leo’s are optimistic, warm, creative, generous and self-confident.

Leo’s are the “creative ones” of the zodiac. They are dedicated to uniquely expressing and creating themselves in the world. Royalty and grandeur are also attributes of Leo’s. These qualities can be seen by their need to rule like our great kings and queens. On the other hand, they are quite eager to show their love and joy. Much like the innocence and freshness of a child. What are the symbols for Leo?

 The symbol for Leo is a circle with a long upward-moving curled tail. This symbol looks like a chamber linked to an artery. Leo is associated with the heart and the circulatory system. Thus, Leo is related to the center of the body, the heart. The heart is the vortex to which all energy must flow and from which all life force emanates. The tremendous amount of blood that is pumped in and out of the heart daily is likened to the way in which Leo’s feel they must move and express their life force and creativity.

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Wisdom Teaching: Mercury Retrograde In Virgo and Libra

Mercury Retrograde  September 13, 2002

slow down

Mercury, our swiftest moving planet will be going Retrograde tomorrow, Saturday in the signs of Virgo and Libra. This cycle will last 23 days, September 14th through October 6th. Mercury Retrograde happens about 3 times a year.

A retrograde planet is one that (when viewed from the earth) “appears” to have stopped and is moving backward through the sky. After some time the planet then goes "direct" and resumes it's normal cyclic path. Every planet retrogrades except the Sun and the Moon.

This cycle is a time in which we need to reflect and reorganize. Two specific areas of life are affected by this cycle for each astrological sign. This is because Mercury starts out in Libra and then on October 2nd moves back into Virgo. Below is a brief explanation of the two areas where reflection, review, and reorganization are indicated. What house will Mercury retrograde in your sign?

 Mercury will retrograde for:

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Wisdom Teaching: October Astrological Highlights 2002

Astrological Highlights for the Month of October    October 1st, 2002

yellow umbrella

October is a month full of many shifts and changes. It is a good idea to have your chart updated to know where these changes will specifically be occurring for you. Todays Wisdom is a brief outline of these changes. I will be writing more complete Wisdom Teachings on some of these cycles as the month moves on.

Autumnal Equinox September 22nd “The beginning of fall”

Fall is officially here. Last Sunday, September 22nd the Sun moved into the Astrological sign of Libra marking the first day of autumn.

Did you know that all of the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra & Capricorn) “lead” us into the seasons? The Wisdom for fall is that fall always signifies Change and the time to “begin the descent” into the dark time of the year. It is time to embrace the wisdom of letting go and releasing old worn out patterns or behaviors.  What other cycles are happening..... read more...

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Wisdom Teaching: Venus Retrograde In Scorpio

Venus Retrograde  October 10, 2002

venus painting

Venus, the goddess of beauty, grace and eloquence is the highlight for today's Weekly Wisdom Teaching.

The planet Venus affects and determines our sense of style, our appreciation of art, love and culture. It is also associated with our creative ability and how we approach relationships and romance. Venus also aids us in our attitude toward finances and material possessions.

How does it do this?
Venus is associated with the Sun Signs Taurus and Libra. Taurus rules the second house in the astrological chart, which is the house of values, resources and possessions. Libra rules the seventh House, which is the house of our significant, interpersonal relationships. Thus Venus affects us both on a concrete (Taurus) and an abstract (Libra) level.  What happens when Venus goes Retrograde?

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