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Wisdom Teaching: Saturn Pluto Opposition

The Saturn Pluto Opposition  October 15, 2001


Why War?  Why Now?  The Saturn/Pluto Opposition.

Saturn and Pluto became actively engaged in conflict on August 5th, 2001. This geometrical aspect is called an “Opposition.” (180 degrees) Basically, Saturn and Pluto are standing face to face to one another. The dates of exact opposition are -- August 5th, 2001, November 2nd, 2001, and May 26th, 2002.

One way to picture an opposition is to imagine two people on a teeter-totter. When the teeter-totter is balanced, and the riders are exactly opposite, they can see each other. Oppositions provide the maximum awareness of “one thing to another.” In any opposition you can choose to listen, respond and cooperate, or you can choose to fight. Either way, you must relate. Blending and uniting concepts that are opposed is the goal.

What must blend?

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Wisdom Teaching: Blue Moon Cycle

The Wisdom of a Blue Moon Cycle October 26, 2001

blue moon

We will be having a “Blue Moon” next Wednesday October 31st, in the Astrological sign of Taurus at 9:41 pm. Oh yes, that is on Halloween.

What is a Blue Moon you ask?

Well, according to my research the term is actually quite old, about 400 years old. Over time the meaning has shifted. There are about 6 different meanings I have listed them below.

1. Obvious Absurdity. Four hundred years ago if a person said, “He would argue the moon was blue” a 16th century person would understand this the way we understand, “He’d argue black was white.”
2. That of Never. The above first meaning led to this second one. To say that something would happen when the “moon was blue” was saying that it would obviously never happen.
3. The Moon Visually Looking Blue. Environmental activity, such as volcanoes, fires, and monsoons visually turned the moon blue. Although rare, this did happen from time to time.

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Wisdom Teaching: What is a Moon Wobble?

Moon Wobble!  December 3, 2001


December 6th starts off with Moon Wobble!

As the name suggests it is a cycle of emotional instability and collective unsteadiness. The wisdom that is needed for this cycle is one of consciousness, emotional focus, and internal awareness. The possibility of excessive emotionalism, drama and/or fear can be very high during this time.

Remember our last Moon Wobble started the week of the World Trade Center bombing. Needless to say, Moon Wobbles can be powerful cycles. The world is still collectively at war with Terrorism. We may see in December more heightened fear and anxiety in the middle east as these countries and the United States work to resolve disharmony.

 What exactly is a Moon Wobble? Moon Wobbles occur when the transiting Sun makes an exact contact with the Lunar (the Moon’s) Nodes. This contact (in astrological terms) is called a conjunction, or a square. How long does it last? The exact date of this Moon Wobble will occur on December 18th and centered at 27 degrees Sagittarius. Usually, the awareness of this cycle starts about 10 days before the exact configuration then continues for 10 days after. Thus, the cycle will start on December 8th and will be completed by December 28th. We have about 4-5 Moon Wobbles per year.

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Wisdom Teaching: The Sun Sign Sagittarius

Sun Sign Sagittarius  December 14, 2001  Sun Sign Wisdom!


Our Sun is currently in the sign of Sagittarius (Nov 21/22-Dec 21). Sagittarius is the sign of justice, truth, perception and the search for meaning. The symbol for Sagittarius is The Centaur. The Centaur’s arrow aims into the heavens and strives for higher things in life. The centaur reminds us that we are human and animal, and that we should never forget our instinctual animal naturewhile striving for higher, lofty, idealistic human things.

The main teaching for this month is the Sagittarian quest for knowledge and personal truth.

It is the month to examine your own personal belief systems. It is time to evaluate what beliefs serve you and which ones have outworn their usefulness. Sagittarius is a “fire” sign and ruled by the planet Jupiter, the largest planet in our Solar System. It isn’t an accident that many religious holidays are recognized during this month, as well as the presence of a large, very expansive and Jolly fat man who flies through the air bearing gifts and delivering them down your Chimneys!!

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Wisdom Teaching: The Sun Sign Capricorn

Sun Sign Capricorn  January 11, 2002


This weeks teaching is on our responsible friends of the Zodiac - our Capricorn's! With the Sun in the sign of Capricorn (Dec 21st - Jan 20th) we turn our focus to the New Year with new beginnings, setting goals, listing priorities and realizing where our true ambitions lie.

Capricorn is the Astrological sign of the Mountain or Sea Goat. As the symbolism suggests, there is a terrain to climb and deep mystical waters to explore.

It is the last earth sign in our zodiac with the quality of leadership (a cardinal sign) assigned to it. You will find many Capricorn's expressing leadership in the public in some way. Accepting authority is a strategy that ultimately helps them acknowledge self-sufficiency and embrace solitude. You will often find the Sea Goat spending time alone learning to accept their successes or failures. This also helps them to realize that no ones approval is ever needed, and all self respect and leadership come from within.

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Wisdom Teaching: Mercury Retrograde In Capricorn

Mercury Retrograde  February 4, 2002  Mercury Retrograde! (January 18th-February 8th)

buddha water

Today’s Weekly Wisdom teaching is on the Mercury Retrograde cycle. Mercury has been retrograde since January 18th. Mercury is the planet associated with the mind and the intellect. Mercury helps us determine the way one thinks and perceives. A Mercury Retrograde cycle calls us to “rethink and re-perceive.” It is really that simple.

Mercury has been in the sign of Aquarius, but moved back (retrograde) into Capricorn on Sunday Feb 3rd. Capricorn is associated with responsibility, seriousness and completion. Is there a project that you have been irresponsible about and not brought to completion? With Mercury’s re-entering into the sign of Capricorn, this may be where your “thoughts” have been re-directed. What does it mean when Mercury is retrograde in Capricorn?

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Wisdom Teaching: The Sun Sign Aquarius

Sun Sign Aquarius  February 14, 2002

violet book

Today’s Wisdom Teaching is focused on the Astrological Sign Aquarius. (Jan 19th-Feb 18th) Aquarius is the final Air sign in the Zodiac. The symbol is the Water Bearer, which depicts a man pouring water out of an urn or container. This suggests that he is sharing something. The water actually represents knowledge and information.

The symbol for Aquarius is two wavy lines, which are often mistaken for water. These lines are representative of thought wavesmoving through the air. These waves represent the ideas and visions that have not yet taken form. Aquarians are therefore our true Visionaries. They help us grasp the deeper part of us that knows we are creating our own life first from our thoughts.  What is Aquarian energy like?

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Wisdom Teaching: The Full Moon In Virgo February 2002

Full Moon In Virgo  February 27, 2002

moon elephant

The Moon! The Moon! Look to the Moon! This weeks Wisdom Teaching is on the Full Moon Cycle in Virgo happening today, February 28, 2002.

Full Moon Cycles are “power times.” The ancients knew to look to the Moon for great wisdom. They are highly charged emotional times. They produce a higher state of tension, release and excitement in humans, animals and plants. Therefore, on a Full Moon ones judgment may be colored by these feelings--knowledge we can use to our advantage if we know the sign of the Full Moon. What is a full moon in Virgo like?

The Full Moon is in the Astrological sign of Virgo today. Virgos archetypically represents the Perfectionist, the Analyst or the Servant. Virgos have an inner longing for expressing the self through work and service. They also strive for the highest positive experiences of health and perfection within the body (or with whatever task they have decided to undertake.) In this cycle, I recommend that you examine the relationship you have to your work or service, and also explore the consciousness you have to your health and your physical body.

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Wisdom Teaching: The Sun Sign Pisces

Sun Sign Pisces   March 12, 2002


This week’s teaching is on the Astrological sign Pisces. Born between Feb. 20th and Mar. 20th they are the great peacemakers, mystics and dreamers of the zodiac. Pisces is a mutable water sign. The symbol for Pisces is two fish attached to each other swimming in opposite directions. The key phrase for Pisces is I Believe.

Because of the symbol of the fish pulling in opposite directions lends Pisces to believe and not believe. When asked, many Pisces respond that they feel this to be very accurate.

Pisces is symbolically related to the ocean. The ocean is deep and dark and has never been completely explored. The ocean is the symbol of consciousness itself. Consciousness is the greatest mystery of life, much like the ocean. Perhaps this is why many Pisces are drawn toward mysticism, spirituality, music and the arts. These studies objectively explore being-ness and
consciousness. It is in these practices that we can all become more objective and observe our minds observing the world.  How does Pisces energy evolve?

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Wisdom Teaching: Spring and The Vernal Equinox

Spring!  The Vernal Equinox   March 22, 2002


Spring is here!! Can you feel it in the air? Spring arrives when the earth is tilted and the Sun is then positioned directly over the equator. Wednesday, March 20th was the official arrival of spring called the Vernal EquinoxVernal means spring, equinox meansequal night. Thus, day and night are the same length, each lasting exactly twelve hours on this day. The vernal equinox marks the first day of spring and the movement of the Sun into the astrological sign Aries.  Where did Spring emerge from?

 In ancient times people held mythic beliefs about the seasonal changes. The goddess of spring was called Eostre.

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