Understanding Eclipse Cycles  February 21, 2009

eclipse moon

Beware that you

Do not lose

The substance

By grasping

At the shadow.


What is an Eclipse?

Every year we experience two kinds of eclipses: an eclipse of the Moon and an eclipse of the Sun. The word eclipse comes from the ancient Greek word – ekleipo - which means "I cease to exist." 

A Solar Eclipse is when the Moon is positioned between the Sun and Earth.  Thereby, the Sun is hidden from our view as the Moon casts its shadow over the Earth’s surface.  A Lunar Eclipse is when the Earth is positioned between the Sun and the Moon.  Thereby, the Earth casts its shadow on the Moon as the moon is blocked from the light of the Sun. 

What happens during an Eclipse Cycle?


Eclipse cycles are generally cycles of instability, detoxification and shadow issues.  The instability is caused by unconsciousness in the area of your chart that is being activated by the eclipse.  This unconsciousness is generally a result of toxic belief systems that were imprinted in your unconscious by early childhood conditioning.  The toxicity of this imprinting can create shadow issues that will either emerge from yourself or show up as behavior from a person in your life.  Shadow work is generally described as finding yourself being the person you don’t want to be, or seeing this unwanted behavior in yourself or in another person.  That person shows up to cast a shadow on you.   It is your job to embrace the shadow, figure out what it is that you are suffering from, and move on


How many Eclipses do we have each year?

Normally we may get 3-4 eclipses a year. Some years we have more, others years less.  This year we are having a total of 6 Eclipses.  So this year things are going to really shake up!


What can I do to prepare for this cycle?

Each of these cycles will activate one specific area for each eclipse in your Astrological chart.  Listed below are the degrees for the eclipse cycles for both a Western Astrological chart and Eastern Chart.  If you don’t have either chart you can consult an Astrologer and have them prepare one for you.  Once you know where the cycle is activated in your chart you can begin to understand why things are showing up and change your behavior and move forward.  For example, the Solar Eclipse is in my 3rd house of writing, classes and artistic endeavors.  I have started writing again, am taking Zumba exercise classes and also started making jewelry again.  So it doesn’t have to be difficult, just more conscious.  It is your job to take responsibility and learn how to recondition yourself and find your shadow areas for the year.


What about this past Lunar Eclipse on February 9th?

On February 9th we had a Lunar Eclipse in both Western and Eastern Astrology in the sign of Leo.  Leo energy is: generous, creative, courageous, impulsive and loyal.  The shadow energy of any Leo is that they can be proud, egoic, overly dramatic, arrogant and over-giving.  The questions you must ask yourself with this eclipse are: “Where can I be more generous?”  “Where can I exercise creativity?”  “Where must I give more?”  “Where am I over-giving?”  “Where is my drama?”  “What am I proud of?”


I hope this has been helpful.


With love and faith in the journey!




"Eclipse Cycles for 2009"


Western Astrology


1. January 26th Solar Eclipse (6 degrees Aquarius)

2. February 9th Lunar Eclipse (21 degrees Leo)

3. July 7th Lunar Eclipse (15 degrees Capricorn)

4. July 21st Solar Eclipse (29 degrees Cancer)

5. August 4th Lunar Eclipse (13 degrees Aquarius)

6. December 31st Lunar Eclipse (10 degrees Cancer)


Eastern Astrology


1. January 26th Solar Eclipse (14 degrees Capricorn)

2. February 9th Lunar Eclipse (1 degree Leo)

3. July 7th Lunar Eclipse (21 degrees Sagittarius)

4. July 21st Solar Eclipse (5 degrees Cancer)

5. August 4th Lunar Eclipse (21 degrees Capricorn)

6. December 31st Lunar Eclipse (17 degrees Gemini)


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