Astrology and Money


Unlocking your Prosperity

as a Woman

Astrology & Money

The Peninsula Woman

Fall Issue 1999



Recently it was reported in Time Magazine that “the average female worker in America still earns just 76 cents for every dollar a man earns. An increase of 17 cents from the ‘70s.” It also reports that, “there are only two female CEO’s at FORTUNE 500 companies, and just 10% of corporate officers are woman.”

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Relieve Your Stress

Relieve Your Stress,

By the Light

of the Silvery Moon!

The Peninsula Woman

Mar - Apr 2007


We live in a society than is busier than ever. Finding balance in an “overly informed” society can sometimes be tough. Actually it may even cause more stress. So how can we find a simple way to understand and relieve our stress? Well, lets look to the moon!

When stressed out "to the max" each of us will try to find relief in our own unique way.

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Time to Remember... Not to Forget

Time to Remember...

Not to Forget

The Peninsula Woman

Jan - Feb 2007


And forget not
that the earth delights
to feel your bare feet
and the winds
long to play with
your hair
~Kahil Gibran

The end of the year and the beginning of the New Year are held in high regard in this country.  Why is that?  The New Year is symbolically a time where we stand (if you will) between two different worlds of time, the Past and the Future.  This year we will look back into 2006 and all of the things we have accomplished (or not accomplished) and look forward to 2007 with new ideas about what should be done, what needs to be done, and what we hope will happen.  The New Year is a power-point in our consciousness.  All of our hopes and dreams are revisited and it is hard not to get entranced by this phenomena.  But what is truly important?

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The Artist in Astrology

The Artist In


By Amber Flynn

Vision Magazine

Dec 2004


This article appeared in Vision Magazine in December 2004

I am thoroughly intrigued by the human triumphs that come through the artistic process. Many artists have disclosed to me that the feelings experienced in this process are much like two lovers embracing. They crave the moment in their process in which they “are no longer present” and the divine begins to flow through them. The incredible union between the artist and their work is spiritual, mystical and oftentimes magical.

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