When Is Your Birthday?

When is 

Your Birthday?

The Peninsula Woman

Sept - Oct  2007


"The only reason for Time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once."

~Albert Einstein

Perhaps the question most frequently asked when getting to know someone is “When is Your Birthday?” Why is this?  Probably because everyone knows birthdays are important. They are quite personal and everyone has one. It is amazing the stories people will share with you once you know their birthday!

As I sit down to write this months article I realize, (not for the first time, mind you) the entire study of Astrology is based on the question, “When is Your Birthday?” Quite auspiciously, the deadline for this article was August 20th -- my Birthday. I was also selected by Joann to be on the cover of this month’s issue (when I mentioned the synchronicity of this to Joann she said to me, “Cool!  I love when that happens”. 

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What to Do when Preparing to Say.... "I Do"

What to Do

When Preparing

to Say....

"I Do!"

The Peninsula Woman

Jul - Aug 2007


Eight years ago I became an ordained Minister with the Universal Life Church. After I officiated my first wedding ceremony in May of 2001 I felt it an honor and a privilege to be able to conduct this sacred ceremony.

There are many different aspects of any wedding day and there are certainly many important thingsto consider, but in my experience what seems to be the most important aspect varies with every couple. Every wedding I have been to has been absolutely different.  No wedding day is the same, and there is no such thing as a perfect day. There is YOUR day.  YOUR perfect day, and your dream about what it can become.

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How You Can Change Your Bad Habits!

How you can

Change Your

Bad Habits!

The Peninsula Woman

Nov - Dec 2006

The thought manifests as word, The word manifests as deed, 

The deed develops into habit,  And habit hardens into character. 

So watch the thought and its ways with care,  And let it spring from love 

Born out of concern for all beings. 


Just what makes a bad habit?  Isn’t it usually something starts out helping you in some way? And then after some amount of time you notice it isn’t helping any longer?  How to change a Habit?

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The Wisdom of Obstacles

The Wisdom

of Obstacles

The Peninsula Woman

Sept - Oct 2006


 When I was a young girl, I remember pouting when I did not get my way.  I wanted so much out of life and when I didn’t get what I wanted right away, I recall pushing my lower lip out, crossing my arms and sulking. It was not easy hearing the word  -- No! Well, as a result I have learned how important obstacles are.

What is an Obstacle and why do we need them?
An obstacle is something that obstructs or hinders any type of anticipated progress.  An obstacle is something that needs to be overcome and moved through. We are a society that supports and rewards achievement and success.  In order to feel that we have achieved, we must have an obstacle to overcome. Overcoming an obstacle builds character and integrity, qualities that are important in being an adult.

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Who's Your Daddy?


Who's Your


The Peninsula Woman

Jul - Aug 2006


 Perhaps one of the single most influential people in our lives is our father.  Whether he is the best dad in the world, a great father, or completely absent, the effect our father’s presence (or lack of presence) he had on us is instrumental to our development. 

Many of my clients reveal to me the intense frustration they had with their fathers.  The fact is that not all fathers are there for their children.   What can we do about this?  Is there a solution to, “Who’s your Daddy?” 

If your father showed up for you, then this article may not pertain to you.  But if you experienced difficulty with your father please read on.  I will start with the worse case scenario.  

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