Knowing your Families Astrology

Knowing Your

Families Astrology

Peninsula Woman

Early Summer 2000 

I was incredibly blessed to be born into a large family. Knowing my families astrological charts has provided incredible insight and compassion for me (especially during the more difficult times.) With 3 brothers and 2 sisters, this was a large arena to learn in. Astrology has explained why we have all taken such different paths in our lives.

Often times in a consultation, a client will inquire about their husband, wife or child. I encourage these questions in readings because it is helpful to us to see how our families have affected, and are affecting our growth What a great place to start -- your family!

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Astrology, True Love and Relationships

Astrology, True Love

and Relationships

Peninsula Woman

Summer 2000


Contrary to popular belief, true love doesn’t come from the outside of us.  It begins and ends with ourselves. Throw away all the books that you have on how to “make a relationship work”, “keeping love alive” and finding your “soulmate”. I know this may sound pretty radical. I absolutely love and enjoy these books, but that is not what this article is about. What you must know, and what this article is really about is, when you are really serious about getting into and sustaining a committed relationship you must have a relationship with yourself.

What are the first steps I must take?
I have many clients that call me regarding relationship issues. I absolutely love and enjoy relationship counseling. Many of these clients want to know if “this person” or “that person” is “good” for them. To tell you the truth, - HOW SHOULD I KNOW? Many times I am forced to ask my client, “Who are YOU? and “What do YOU want?” “Do you know enough about yourself to know if this person “fits your mold?” Do they “complete” YOU? The only way we can arrive at the answers to those questions is if we have done any work on ourselves to make that determination.

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Life Cycles and Clearing for the New Millennium

Life Cycles and Clearing for

the New Millennium with Astrology

Peninsula Woman

Winter 2000


It happens about once a month. I go into a cleaning frenzy. It has to be a woman thing. A few days before my menstrual cycle I find myself a crazed madwoman. I clean all kinds of things. Maybe you know what I am talking about. Have you ever had this experience?

I don't do this in a normal way. I get this gleam in my eyes and a total body surge to get the project accomplished. Literally, if anyone is in my way, they will be vacuumed or polished depending on what I am doing. It is a huge catharsis. When I am done, I feel purified and cleansed. It is glorious. I am healed. I know the Goddess is alive in me when I am done.

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In the Beginning, there was a Card... - Winter Issue 2000

In the Beginning,

there was a Card...

Peninsula Woman

Winter 2000


Did you know that every day of the year is assigned to one of the 52 Cards in our playing card deck? Also, when you know what your card is, it can help you learn more about yourself, your relationships and your destiny?

This article has two purposes. One is to introduce you to this fabulous system that I use in my practice which is called Birth Cards. The other is to help you understand how this links to the Ancient Practice of Astrology and you!

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The Millennium and the Birth Process of the Feminine


The Millennium.

And the Birth Process

of the Feminine.

The Peninsula Woman

Spring 1999

Welcome to the last year of the Milenium - 1999! The beginning of the Aquarian Age, the Dawn of the Information Age, the Age of Enlightenment. Technically, many astrologers feel the actual entry date of the Age of Aquarius will be when the planet Neptune goes into the sign of Pisces. This will happen in the year 2012. But look around. It is here!!!

In Astrology, each astrological sign has association with specific concepts, things, people and places. Aquarian concepts include; unconventional ideas, independence, originality, free will, freedom of self-expression, growth, and discoveries.

Then we have the “things” associated with Aquarian principles such as; the telephone, television, radio, science fiction, radar, electronics, and computers. Finally, Aquarian people; Oprah Winfrey, Ellen Degeneres, Helen Gurley Brown, Sheryl Crow, Joan of Arc, Yoko Ono, Thomas Edison, Charles Lindburgh, John Belushi, Charles Darwin, Alice Cooper, James Dean, Charles Dickens, John McEnroe, Wolfgang Mozart, Norman Rockwell, John Travolta......this is just to name a few.

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