Spring is Here! A Time for Emergence & Change

Spring is Here!

A Time for Emergence &  

Change with Aries Energy!

Peninsula Woman

Mar - Apr 2001 

I have a new window in my office that I look out of every day at work. Today is the first day of March and as I look out my window I am noticing that in three weeks it is going to be spring!! I am so excited. The trees are beginning to unfurl their new leaves, the air is becoming slightly warmer and I can hear the birds singing loudly. My thoughts have gone to all of the things that I like about spring. The smell of new cut grass, putting my feet in the grass, going barefoot all the time, wearing shorts, being in the sun in my backyard and seeing children outside playing. I also enjoy watching flowers burst with delight in the warm air.

Last week my boyfriend was walking the dog at night and he found a small black bunny hopping around the neighborhood. He brought it home. To me it represented the perfect omen to the wonderful fact of Spring being just around the corner. We kept the little guy for about 4 days. He hopped around delightfully through the house and then we found a home with 4 lovely little girls who really wanted a bunny.

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Marriage - Made in the Cosmic Heavens


Made in the Cosmic Heavens

Peninsula Woman

May - Jun 2001


What is Marriage?

Marriage is a contractual as well as a spiritual union. It has been described as “the best and most important relationship that can exist between two human beings.” It is a contract of love and trust. It is a commitment that requires and deserves daily attention. It deserves this attention because no earthly happiness exceeds that of the reciprocal satisfaction in the state of commitment between two people to love and honor one another. Marriage should be a life-long building to the ideal of loving kindness, backed with the will and intention to make it last.

Many people are involved in relationships. Many couples date and also live together. The art of marriage is the next step in actualizing and making real a commitment to one another. It is the greatest union of the Heart. True marriage, one that lasts a lifetime, is based upon the amount of self love that you are willing to accept from yourself and in turn give easily and freely to another.

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A Mother's Tragedy - An Astrological Viewpoint

A Mother’s Tragedy...

An Astrological Viewpoint

Peninsula Woman

Jul - Aug 2001 

Greetings friends! I have been sitting by my computer for nearly 2 hours trying to decide what to submit as an article that could be enlightening and awakening to all of the wonderful readers of the Peninsula Woman. I daresay that the topic I decided on didn’t feel like a very happy one - but one of great importance.

I have been recently struck by the intense tragedy that occurred on Wednesday, June 20th between 8-9 am, when a mother for no reason (none that anyone could immediately understand) drowned her 5 children, one by one in their family bathtub.

I was shocked and extremely saddened by the tragedy. I decided to do some research on this and went immediately to the Internet and my Astrological Ephemeris to try and make heads or tails of the incident. What I found was this. This is a tragic tale about being a mother. No woman can read the story about this mother and not feel a deep pain for the 5 children who were killed, or intuitively feel the tremendous confusion that this mother must have been in to have done this to her babies.

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To Believe or Not Believe. That is the Question.

To Believe or Not Believe…

That is the question.

Peninsula Woman

Sep - Oct 2001


I was on the telephone the other day with a woman ordering some computer items. She asked me what I did for a profession. I paused for a second and reflected on the many variety of comments that I usually receive from people when I tell them that I am an Astrologer. I decided to tell her. “I am an Astrologer.” She came back with a very typical reply. “Oh, I don’t really believe in that stuff.” On many occasions I just go on with the conversation, not really addressing the answer I have received. That day I decided to reply.

“Well,” I said. “Astrology really isn’t something to believe in. Actually, it is an ancient tool to help you with your life. Much like a map. You don’t have to believe in a map so that it will help you ….lets say, drive to New York. You just decide that a map will be helpful.

If you want to use it Astrology can be a helpful tool, like a map. But if you don’t want to use it, just get into your car and start driving. Probably one day will you get to New York. Some people need maps, others just get into their cars and drive. I prefer a map.” We talked at length. She ended up thanking me for putting Astrology in a more open ended way. It is amazing what conversations you can eventually have with sales people. I am sure you have had the same experience.

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Astrology and The Cycle of Birth and Death

Astrology and the Cycle of

Birth and Death

Peninsula Woman

Spring 2000


One of the most important things to a Woman is the relationship she has to her father. I thank my father daily for the tools that he has given to me. They have helped me become the empowered woman I am today. He never once doubted my ability and always inspired me to reach the highest peaks that I could.

At the time of this writing I am in San Diego witnessing the unexpected hospitalization and critical care of my father. We have also been looking forward to the birth of a new nephew, Max, due on February 5th.

Many of my clients ask me if I can predict a time of birth or a time of death. Fortunately there are cycles to help us prepare for these life events. In my opinion, prediction is impossible given that we all have divine free will and choice. What is needed at the time of predicting cycles is an honest look at a person’s life, how they have lived it, and what has value and meaning to them.

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