Music Composition

piano music

I started composing music for the piano in 2008. Music composition is a very joyful and emotional touchstone for me.  Like any artistic pursuit, the endpoint is not envisioned, and the process is the true part of the total fulfillment. 

You don't know what it will be until it's written.  Sometimes when I am writing I may make a "mistake" and just LOVE IT!!  I keep that part in, which adds to the mysterious element of what creativity really is.  

Music reflects a part of me that I innately have always sensed about myself.  And now it is reflected and realized through the medium of sound, which is a continued mystery for me.  I receive great joy listening to my own music.

I am indebted to my teachers Sky Ladd and Camille Hastings for their work with me throughout the years.  They helped me to acquire the skills and resources necessary to compose.

My intent is to share my progression as a composer with you.  As it is a small part of my journey as an Artist, I will be uploading music that I have written in hopes that it will bring joy to your ears and inspire you in whatever way it does!